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QUALITY! At Patio Ponds Ltd, we believe in producing efficient, reliable, and easy-to-clean filtration products for everything from a small water garden or koi pond to a large commercial water feature. We also believe that when you buy a filter, it should perform flawlessly, work effectively, and last a lifetime. With that said, Patio Ponds is proud to announce that each filter is Made in the USA from the highest quality materials and components.

While purchasing a Patio Ponds filter, not only do you get the best filter today, you get something else you cannot find anywhere else - peace of mind. You know that behind each Patio Ponds filter body is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Our dedication, craftsmanship, and expertise are shown throughout each filter we produce - and we stand behind them.

But don't take our word for it. With tens of thousands of satisfied customers across the United States, it is easy to see why
Patio Ponds truly is:

America's 1st Choice in Pond Filtration